About Us


1. us.

Kltrd is what we are… period. From the way we act, interact and navigate our surroundings… it is us.

“We have a tendency to network up but it really is about networking across.”- Issa Rae


We are a team of millennials who are creative, intuitive, and poppin’ af. We are in tune with what is going on around us and know how to articulate it in a way that makes sense. Sometimes we offend people but it’s all out of love <3. We speak the truth and spread the word.


We create written pieces that reflects our culture at a macro-level and a micro-level. A news website with a focus in what’s happening on an underground level that will explore the music, life, culture and style around us. We love the underground community and are interested in sharing it with the mainstream media.


Most of our writers are based out of North Carolina with the majority living in Charlotte, but if you trying to fly us out then contact us.


We have a lot of shit to say but need an outlet to get our thoughts out and sometimes social media isn’t enough for us to speak our truths

Leadership Team

Fahn Darkor- Editor-in-Chief
Chris Boyd- Editor
Christian Trogdon- Strategy
John Lewis- Operation

They are a tight-knit team who are also fraternity brothers. Fahn had an idea and they made it happen so here we are.


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