Grown-ish Season 2 Sit Down: Chloe x Halle

Monday November 12, 2018, actresses Chole and Halle from Freeform’s hit show Grown-ish came to Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia, for a sneak-peek at season two and talk about being Grown-ish.

With season two of the hit show Grown-ish set to premiere at the start of 2019, cast members Chole and Halle, along with executive producer Jeni Rice-Genzuk, are on tour promoting the new season.

Just like in college, and life, there will be ups and downs and that is exactly what our favorite group of sophomores at Cal U, Zoey, Nomi, Ana, Jazz, and Sky, are trying to avoid. But like taxes and bills, life will always catch up with you. It’s how you decide to move past it that will define who you are.

Chole (20) and Halle (18) also talked about growing up and becoming grown adults in todays day and age, with everything that social media offers along with everything else that is out in the world. One of the subjects that was asked from the audience was dating in college and how you should go about it.

“If I was to date in college I would give him the distance he needs, because our school work comes first then from there if we see each other of course I would be all over him as I would expect him to be all over me. But we don’t have to be with each other all the time 24/7” said Halle.

After the Q&A session the first episode of season two was played for us, and from the looks of it this season will be great! There are many new plots and some of the old ones, (could there be drama in paradise with Zoey and Luka after not being together all summer?). With a new year comes with new responsibilities. How will our sophomores handle the new pressure that comes with another year.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will, because this season we all are in for a treat.

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