In Charlotte? You Should Be At Durag Fest This Saturday.

First things first…… go find your best durag and head over to @duragfest to cop your tix for this Saturday’s second annual festival, cuz you’re not going to want to miss this.

Second things second, if you were one of those nay-sayers, shaders, and/or haters commenting on TheShadeRoom’s post about the Fest last year………… then f*ck your anti-black respectability politics.

The festival is the ultimate good-summer-vibes scene. The wave check contest is back, a brunch will be held earlier in the day, and an array of artists will perform throughout the evening, just to name a few features. The creatives behind organizing the Fest, Lica Mishelle, Dammit Wesley, and DJ Fannie Mae, are all veterans when it comes to being in the creative business, and the Fest is a new addition to the catalog.

If having a good time with other black folks having a good time, in a local, black-owned creative space, while celebrating one of the single-most black-identifying articles of clothing isn’t enough of a reason to go, know this, the creators of the Fest have anchored the event in celebration of Juneteenth– the day when enslaved peoples in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865, finally heard the news that slavery was outlawed, two whole years after the Emancipation Proclamation, and were thus free (of course new institutions that were similar to enslavement would challenge the level of freedom they experienced, but that’s another discussion for another day). Juneteenth celebrations are commonly held throughout the country, but it is important to consistently keep it alive and connected with black youth, which Wesley, Mishelle, and Fannie Mae are doing so well.

It is so important that we support this as a community to keep the longevity of black-owned/curated spaces, extend the bandwidth of those spaces, and keep sacred Black American traditions in this country. The festival will be held at Camp North End, 1776 Statesville Ave on June 15th with programming starting at 11 am so I suggest yall adjust your weekend schedules accordingly and see yall out there!!

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