Red@28th: Open Mic Night

Red@28th is Charlotte’s first multicultural literary lounge offering hookah, books, a full bar, and an outdoor patio. They host multiple events throughout the week that range from writing workshops to open mic nights. Red@28th’s mission statement says they “encourage anything that builds community and diversity.” This is my experience and insight of their weekly Open Mic Night:

The Good

Great atmosphere! The crowd and employee interaction was paramount to the success and confidence of their diverse acts. Dull moments were held to a minimum with a constant flow of diverse entertainment. A poet named “Superman” was an amazing host who expertly balanced humor and his talent as a wordsmith to set the tone for early acts. The night’s acts included poets, comedians, rappers, singers and a refreshing performance delivered by producer King Saint. He played a few of his beats for the crowd and got performers to join in and have a freestyle cypher.

The “Ehh”

Performances started at 9:30 when the open mic night was slated to start at 9:00 p.m. To my dismay, the performance list closed at 10:30 p.m. Personally, I would have enjoyed a few more acts being added to the set. I would recommend attending early if you are a fan of deals as their $2 PBR drink specials will run out (it’s an all-day special). One of the stand out performances of the night, producer King Saint, was cut short. This left the crowd and I wanting more because we were not able to experience his full vision.

The Dope

This place is a breeding ground for support of the culture. Whatever art form you practice or talent you possess, you MUST perform at Red@28th University if you live in Charlotte. Try out a new piece or cover an old favorite at this growing hookah spot in the QC. Regular acts are treated like family with the free promotion of having their upcoming schedule and anything that they’re currently working on being shouted out regularly throughout the night (even if it conflicts with an event Red@28th is having on the same day). THAT’S LOVE!


If you live in the Queen City, then there is no excuse for you to not check out new emerging talent or even personally test out the mic in your own backyard every Wednesday night @ 9 p.m.

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