The Dumpster Fire in Fyre

Fyre Festival promised to be the next big music fest. The team behind it wanted this event to be something as big as Coachella and even Woodstock. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were just a couple of the members of an all-star team of influencers, celebrities, and media personalities used to promote the event. However, Fyre Festival was destined to be a disaster from the start. It was a music fest that turned into a train wreck. Netflix and Hulu released two separate documentaries chronicling the events of Fyre Fest a week ago, but do these documentaries properly show what a colossal failure Fyre Festival was?

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Netflix’s documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, was released on January 18th, and was produced by Jerry Media, who was ironically one of the main advertisers of the festival. The documentary focused on the story behind the festival’s creation, failure, and aftermath. It started as the idea of Ja Rule and Billy McFarland and was meant to be a huge event for young music lovers to enjoy. The band Blink 182 was supposed to headline the event with other musical acts like the Migos and Lil Yachty. It also promised a multitude of things to come with the festival like staying in a villa on a beautiful island in the Bahamas, eating exquisite cuisine, and being able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle for a weekend. Fyre showed that none of this was possible due to the poor planning for this event, and the fact that McFarland was a con-artist whose luck was running out. Things got even worse when the musical acts started pulling out of the festival.

Fyre Fest employees, attendees of the festival, and many of the locals on Exuma were interviewed to tell their experiences with the event. Fyre emphasized how much of a mess this situation was for everyone involved. Fyre does an excellent job of showing how much of a loss this festival was for everybody involved while giving viewers a fascinating look at the ordeal.

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Hulu’s documentary took a different approach to the events of Fyre Festival with their documentary Fyre Fraud. Fyre Fraud was released on January 14th, and gave viewers a different look at the events. This documentary had a humorous approach to the events of Fyre Festival and pokes fun at its immense failure. It included interviews from media influencers of the festival, some of the same people interviewed in Fyre, and even an interview of Billy McFarland. Fyre Fraud took the time to tell of McFarland’s scamming endeavors before he partnered with Ja Rule. The filmmakers put McFarland on the spot many times, asking him questions that he refused or simply could not answer and exposed him on every single one of his lies told about the festival. While Fyre emphasized the loss everyone took because of the festival, Fyre Fraud focused on putting McFarland on blast for all the people he screwed over and it is very satisfying to watch.

The few flaws that come with both documentaries are in how seriously both take these events. Fyre has more of a slow build up because of it going into detail with everything about the festival’s creation, while Fyre Fraud‘s humor can be hit or miss a lot of times. However, neither flaw takes away from what these documentaries have to offer. Fyre is more effective in it’s storytelling, but both are entertaining and informative enough to watch. Both also have important details about the event that is not covered in the other documentary. Overall, Fyre and Fyre Fraud were both great documentaries that deserve a view from anyone even slightly curious about the events that went down at Fyre Festival.

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