This New Sabrina is Spooky AF

This New Sabrina is Spooky AF
Dark Twist on a classicCharacters and storyline are well developed
Sabrina type annoyingSalem doesn't talk
8.5Overall Score
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Ahhh, memories. Remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch with her adorable aunts and her sarcastic ass talking cat, Salem? Well they’re back… kinda, but this time it’s SPOOKY AF! 

The Netflix Original “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is still about your fave teenage high-school witch navigating life in the mortal world, who often comes across many challenges when it comes to her identity. However, this reboot is dark and explores religions like Wicca, Satanism, and every thing else you’d consider as the anti-christ. I was expecting it to be light-hearted and comical but it wasn’t. Sabrina is being placed in more “life or literal death” situations on the norm while also balancing being a full-time boy crazy misguided student. 

She serves as somewhat of a “moral compass” and always wants to do what’s right. But, this is where her duality kicks in because what might be considered right for witches, may not be the best option for us muggles  mortals. I saw a tweet that perfectly summed this identity crisis. It mentioned how the witches are like “#WitchLivesMatter” but Sabrina interjects and says “But what about the mortals?”. This theme is consistent throughout the series.

“Too witch for the mortal kids but too mortal for the witches”- Me

This reboot introduces a new group of “mean girls” who refer to themselves as the “Weird Sisters” who are Pro-Witch and willing to protest for their rights. They are led by the standout character, Prudence, who is “ fine Fire” in every sense of the word *attached below you will find a picture of Prudence*. These Weird Sisters are presented as the bad gals, hey RiRi, but are honestly just living their truths as witches. I mean what do you expect? Witches do witch shit, so who is Sabrina to police them? Satan, or sometimes referred to as “Dark Lord”, is present throughout and we are consistently reminded that “Satan doesn’t represent evil, he represents free will”…. do with that information as you please.

Her family still has the same structure but the characters have taken on different personas. She now has a black cousin, we can unpack this at a later date, and her aunts are either mean af or carless af. Salem is still there but he serves a different role which is later explained in the series. Honestly, this character change was the hardest for me to grasp because talking Salem was an icon and with this adaptation, he doesn’t speak #sadface. Harvey is Harvey, Ross is chill, her teacher is sketchy and we now have a new character, Susie, who is non-binary and we get to see her narrative of how she deals with attacks on herself because of her identity.

Overall, this reboot is solid. The downfall of this series is the main character, Sabrina. Towards the end she just becomes annoying and unbearable, but then again she is a 16-year-old teenager so that may be expected, idk. It’s 10 solid one hour episodes that will keep you hooked but may make you want to read a couple of bible scriptures cause…. it get’s intense. There are a lot of underlying tones and messages tucked so neatly in this plot that I am looking forward to reading all of the think pieces about it. Check it out on Netflix and tell me what you think.

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