Your Hustle Is Your Worth

We’ve all heard the saying “Put your money where your mouth is”, but the Breadwinners prefer to put their money where the people are. On Friday, Nov. 30th, the UNC Charlotte Financial Literacy Organization hosted Show Your Wealth: Your Hustle is Your Worth. The pop-up shop featured a number of the Queen City’s hottest up and coming street-wear brands, musicians, and artists.

Breadwinners frontmen, Cody Dorce and Kristofer Sherrod, were more than satisfied with their first attempt at an event of this caliber.  

“I think tonight was so fulfilling. It was really crazy having so much talent all in one place,” said Sherrod. “The purpose was to really give everyone a stage to show their talent, show their skills, and show their wealth. Just because people don’t know about your wealth, your hustle, or what you’re doing doesn’t mean that it’s not worth anything and that’s what we’re trying to show everybody.”

Nearly 75 attendees networked to the soundtrack of DJ JByrd and the hosting stylings of UNC Charlotte Radio Show, The Connect. Several local artists also blessed the audience with music that gets you up out your seat and down in your feelings.

The first vocalist to grace the stage was Jasmine Johnson, but on the stage she’s known as Andreaa. Although this was her first live performance she delivered like a pro. Johnson performed “21” and “Gold”, the latter written by fellow kltrd. contributor Jodi Loverboy.

“It was really exciting, but at the same time kind of nerve wracking but once I got up there and started singing I just kind of took it from there,” said Johnson.

Johnson used to hum along with everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur Barney and sang in the church choir. Since developing her chords she looks to Queen B and RiRi due to their longevity and work outside of music. Andreaa also made it clear that she makes music for everybody. 

“I just want people to feel me. I want people to listen to what I’m saying and relate, if you can’t relate but you know somebody who can relate send them that way and then maybe the next song that comes out will be for you,” said Johnson.

To get a taste of what Andreaa is serving up press play.

Andreaa wasn’t the only performer to bring the house down. R&B debonair Naim Cooper also didn’t come to play with the crowd. He performed three singles from his first studio album, Black Men Don’t Cheat – three singles eventually turned into four after the crowd pleaded the Greensboro native to sing more. This flood of support is something that Cooper knew would soon follow the release of Black Men Don’t Cheat, which has over 150k streams on Apple Music and Spotify.

“I don’t want to sound arrogant but I kind of expected it and I feel like it’s really just the beginning of where it’s going to go. It’s only been a month and like a week. I feel like it has the potential to take over 2019,” said Cooper.

For a complete setlist of the evening’s performers look no further!

Featured Brands:
Body By T 
Change Your Mindset 
District Avenue Apparel 
God Got Us 
The Shine Institute 

Featured Painters:
Daviana Fraser
Paris LaRose 
Inigma Productions

Idealy Zealous Imagery

Too Cozy Productions

“We’re going to continue to put events like this on, our people are going to win and we’re going to stack to freedom together. The Breadwinners is outchea,” said Sherrod.

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