A Girl’s Guide to Shooting Your Shot


It’s time to boss up. You’ve watched his IG story so many times you’re probably at the top of his viewers list. You see him every Taco Tuesday and that long ‘sexy stare’ you giving him is weird af. Stop.

I can’t speak for all women but I know a lot of us let our pride keep us from making the first move. Even if ‘shooting your shot’ isn’t how you normally go about things, why not try something outside of your comfort zone?

I mean, I normally don’t initiate anything because I like a man to be assertive and I was raised that a woman doesn’t ‘chase’ after a man, but, is me shooting my shot ‘chasing’ someone? I’m not asking for a relationship or trying to wife ‘em up, I’m just breaking the ice.

Before you’re ready to shoot your shot, you’ve gotta make sure your confidence is up there. You don’t have to be cocky, just comfortable with every part of yourself because be real, with any risk, there’s risk of failure. Some shots might be an airball but a great player’s never a sore loser ;).

Once your confidence is poppin’, here’s a couple of different approaches you can take to ‘shooting your shot’:


Say Something Nice…

We’ll call this the layup since its a smoother way to get your potential boo’s attention.

You’d be surprised what can spark from the simplest compliments. Say something nice in person just to get the conversation flowing. Most of the time this doesn’t even feel like ‘shooting your shot’, which makes the convo feel more natural.

You can always tell when someone’s feeling you or even enjoying y’alls conversation so pay attention to the cues to see if you threw an airball. Like Jodi Loverboy said in “She’s Just Not Interested, Bro”, short answers are a sign…

Hitting the DM…

So, there’s a couple different ways to slide in the DM’s. You can always start by sending a lil’ emoji just to see if they respond. Test the waters a little and see if you can get a conversation started.

You can even reply to an IG story or be smooth in the comment section. But remember ladies, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Don’t get caught up trying to shoot your shot and end up looking thirsty, Queens. Regardless of if you like this person or not, we’re never pressed, PERIODT.


So ladies, play it smooth, play it smart and be yourself.

If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, oh well.


With love,


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