Within the last couple of years, festival frenzy has been at an all time high. With newcomers like Dreamville Fest and staples like Coachella, Made in America, and Camp Flog Gnaw- there are plenty of opportunities to experience some of your favorite artists.

The infamous Fyre Festival that was set for spring of 2017 has generated major documentaries for Hulu and Netflix. These documentaries showed us the lengths that people will go to “live the dream” and how far people will go to “provide the dream”. Even if there are cases of water in the way or a couple of wire frauds.

Having been an attendee of Made In America, Broccoli Fest, Astroworld (kinda), Camp Flog Gnaw, and having seen footage from many other festivals, I’ve made some observation that should help you out.

1. You won’t see everybody and that’s okay.

You’ll have a list of like 13 artists you want to see but you’ll probably only see like 6 of them. Most festivals have multiple stages that are far away from one another and hard to navigate to. Pusha T may be performing at the main stage, while Playboi Carti may be light years away at a different stage and possibly at the same time. Prioritize who you want to see and note which stages they’ll be performing on. Some festivals have apps for you to know when an artist is coming on stage and where they’ll be performing.

2. If you don’t like tight spaces, this isn’t for you!

Crowds and crowds and more crowds and pushing and shoving and everything in between. Though this is probably a given, this is something that I wish I had a full understanding of before I attended my first festival. There were times when I couldn’t even lift my hands up because I was too close to the people around me. True story: I’ve had 3 friends pass out at festivals. Please stay hydrated, eat, pace yourself, and don’t hit the blizzy from strangers.

3. White dudes love wearing their favorite basketball jersey!

Photo: Shad Powers/Desert Sun)

Idk if it’s some unspoken rule that “Thou must coppeth an Iverson jersey whenever in thy presence of a music festival” but it’s a thing. Be wary of these kids. They only showed up to the 21 Savage set to hear him rap whatever song he has getting radio play at the moment. They are also known to push their way through the crowd to “get to their friends” who is always conveniently closer to the stage.

“Thou must coppeth an Iverson jersey when ever in thy presence of music festival”

An intellect


GET A BATTERY PACK GET A BATTERY PACK! Imagine the headlines is about to perform and your phone is on 2%… Now how will you ever flex on your friends back home with a recording of the screen since you’re probably too far away to see the actual stage?! Exactly. Go Invest in one. Honestly, I still haven’t bought one for myself, but I want you to be better than me.

5. Have an idea of what Food Trucks you want to eat from.

The worst feeling is waiting in line for an eternity then getting some subpar overpriced food. Yelp is your friend. Also, walk up to the front of the line and literally look at people receiving their food and ask them what they ordered. This will save you time, money, and from eating mediocre meals.

6. Buying the overpriced Merch is worth it.

Just do it. Yes, they are probably some overpriced Gildan tees, but you’re going to regret not spending that $30. Lots of festivals will post the merch they’ll be selling ahead of time so you should have an idea of what you want before you get there.

7. You should do your research on the actual festival.

10/10 it’s going to be outside BUT will you be in a parking lot or in the middle of the field? This will 100% dictate your outfit. Can you bring in bags? If so, what size? Are there charging stations? Will there be a whole bunch of drunk/high/drugged-up underage kids throwing up everywhere throughout the day (Hey Made in America)? These are all questions you should be asking yourself as you’re preparing.

I’ve learned a lot and I wish I could share everything with you but I’m really not trying to write a dissertation. Festivals are a fun way to see some of your favorite artists all for one price. Be in the moment, remember these tips, and I’m sure your experience will be a great one.

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