We Takin’ TRIPS

Let me first start by acknowledging that everybody has different financial situations and some people literally can’t prioritize traveling right now (this post isn’t for y’all). This is for the people who have the desire to travel and an income source to support this decision.

“I cAn’T Go TRavELing CaUSe iT’S tOo eXpeNSive”

A Millennial Proverb

The steps to traveling for your average millennial are researching, budgeting and planning. Most travel plans fall off between the initial idea and 2 days later when people start talking price. So now you are alone with moves but nobody to go with.

DON’T FRET! There are like-minded groups of people who want to travel but have flakey friends so they all link by way of different travel groups. SeventyEleven, The Dr3am3rs and The Black Elite are some travel groups that want to share experiences with you. With each having a focus on different kinds of trip, I’m certain you’ll find something you like.


As a college freshman looking for moves, I knew whenever somebody texted me “7011 Old Concord Road” that was the ONLY place I needed to be. Fast forward some years later and “Seventy Eleven” has now transitioned to becoming a traveling company. SeventyEleven Travel targets “young, positive adults between the ages of 21 and 32 who enjoy new experiences and meeting new people”. When I asked Musa Jose, Co-founder of Seventy Eleven, why they decided to start traveling he explained that

“We have been blessed with the ability  to travel and meet great people from all over the world and wanted to share this opportunity with everyone else.”

Musa Jose, SeventyEleven Co-founder

On their trips you can look forward to island excursions, all inclusive resorts, and great energy. Their next trip will be for around 60 people who are looking to visit Montego Bay, Jamaica from May 31st- June 4th.

If you want to learn more about their Jamaica 2019 trip, head on over to www.seventyeleven.net and follow them on Instagram @_seventyeleven for updates.

The Dr3am3rs

What once started as a lifestyle clothing brand, has now moved into the travel industry. With already having a trip to Dubai under their belt, with another one to Thailand in the works, The Dr3am3rs want to make “exotic or highly sought destinations, affordable” for all millennials. When asked why they decided to add the travel option, Clevon John, one of the organizers, said that

“We want to help influence the African American community and minorities to explore the world, see other cultures and expose them to new experiences.”

Clevon John, Dr3am3rs Organizer

The Dr3am3rs acknowledge that many of their friends have not left the country, nor do they even own passports. They want to educate them on how to travel for a low cost, and provide them the resource of having someone to plan their vacations, experiences and travel adventures so they do not have too. 

To learn more about their 2019 Thailand trip or South Africa 2020 trip, head on over to www.dr3am3rs.com for more info and follow them on Instagram

The Black Elite

If you’re a native of UNC Charlotte then there is a 100% chance that you have been to one of their homecoming parties. The Black Elite has given us homegrown events but now wants us to travel across the country for weekend getaways. When asked why he added the travel portion to his company, Ahmad, the founder of The Black Elite, mentioned “We felt that with so many people wanting to be a part of The Black Elite experience, it made sense to create a travel group.”

The Black Elite wants to attract young professionals over the age of 21 who are “interested in being around positive and vibrant energy!” The Black Elite has traveled to Houston for a New Year’s Celebration and to Tennessee for a secluded cabin getaway. There next trip will be for a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Savannah, Georgia from March 16- March 18, 2019.

“This generation of millennials believes heavily in getting out to see the world and so it’s important to provide an outlet where Black women and men can occupy spaces outside of their norm.”

Ahmad, Founder of Black Elite

Stay updated with their latest trip by following @theblackelite.

And there you have it, folks! Do your research, save your coins, and see the world.

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