Cheeno Ghee’s Sound is Essential to the Culture

From Brooklyn, by way of Atlanta, Cheeno Ghee is a soon to be 22-year-old hip-hop artist who is making big moves. She has a certain candor that makes her music feel personal and keeps the listener engaged with her captivating and effortless lyricism. She shows off her versatility as a rapper as she skillfully transitions between flows throughout her EP, Child. I was able to catch up with Cheeno to get a little insight into her and her music:

So how did you get started in music?

I grew up around music, it was all around me as a child. It runs in my family. It was truly a matter of time before I’d find my passion for it and I feel like my gravitation towards the microphone was divine. Almost like God led me to it…

You mentioned listening to the hip-hop music that your mom played around the house. Who are some of the artists you remember and who are some musical influences that you feel influence the music you make today?

From Lauryn Hill to Mos Def, MC Lyte, to Mobb Deep, Lil Kim and Queen Latifah … today artists like Drake, Hov, Cole and Dave East kind of influence me differently.

So describe your creative process? Do you like to hear a beat first then write? Do you have to be in a certain mood or frame of mind?

My creative process – usually I’m alone with my headphones in browsing through beats, new to me or ones I’ve heard already… and I’ll freestyle to whatever I like then go back and touch up the lyrics or whatever can be tweaked … depending on the mood I’m in, I’ll write multiple songs in one sitting.

I saw on your IG a story about you getting an open slot when you didn’t have a record to perform. What was that whole experience like?

That experience was crazy dope for me…the pressure of knowing I wanted and had something to prove to myself and the people who would be in the building that night watching me perform… And then doing exactly that with “I Understand”.

You recently dropped Child. How does it feel to have your first project out?

Recording my first project was a deeply satisfying experience… I think I treated every session like a priority… It’s always been important to me to be as efficient as possible in the studio and I think that was amplified by 10 as I completed the records.

I know it’s like picking your favorite kid, but do you have any favorite songs from the project?

“Kid on Saratoga” because of the style of the record combined with the lyrics … I think the message of the record is different than what people would expect to hear over that beat … I wanted to surprise the new listeners. “Confess, Child” comes second because of what that record means to me and the way it came about. Similarly to the situation with “I Understand”, that record came about the day of a show … I put my all into that performance and I felt it was received. So it HAD to be on the EP.

I know you recently released Child, and not trying to rush you, but do you have any details on when you’ll be releasing some more music?

Because I put so much into CHILD, I want it to fully reap what was sown so I won’t be dropping another project for a while but … you guys are hearing this FIRST … there are bonus tracks that will soon follow the EP.

What do you feel you and your music contribute to the culture?

To me, culture means the world. Our culture is our community— it’s where we connect our ideas, our traditions, our minds, and preserve our presence here.

What do you feel you and your music contribute to the culture?

I believe my sound is essential to the culture. Who I am and what I embody – as a gay black woman who loves God out loud, I share experiences with so many parts of these communities. I feel that the messages I bring forth in music will add to the progression and the longevity of the culture.


You can hear the things that influence her throughout her music. She has an original sound that can’t be heard anywhere else. You can hear some of her live performance mentioned in the interview in the sing “Confess, Child”. Make sure to follow her on IG and check out her EP, Child below. Be on the lookout for new music.

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