K’ant8300: The Interview

Who is K’ant8300? You were just K’ant at one point. Where did 8300 come from?

“I started out as K’ant,  just a play on my government name.”

Something a friend of mine came up with way before I rapped. The 8300 part is the block number of the neighborhood I started all of this rap shit in. I added it to my name to separate my name from the other people on music platforms that go by K’ant or some sort of spelling of it. 8300 became more than just a block address, it’s a gang thing. My whole gang that has been behind me the whole time, we a league of real niggas, doing real shit. The OGs gon’ forever be the same, but it’s hella people claiming 8300 The League, like fans and supporters.  It’s crazy how it turned out.

How long have you been rapping and how’d you get involved?

About a year and a half, maybe a little longer. I was in and out of studios for about 7 or 8 months, just watching how to put music together and how to record. Just how to do a lot of shit, not knowing I’d try to make my own shit. I ended up gettin’ in a bet that I couldn’t make a good song. I had a laptop, garage band, and a pair of Beats headphones. I ain’t know I needed an interface, a real mic or a different program. I just did the shit. Wrote the song in my phone, called “She Lost”. Played it for the person I bet, he paid up on the spot. Played it for my friends, they fucked with it. One of my other patnas that do all my videos now, Skrewhed, encouraged me to shoot a video for it. It was his first video so we knew it wasn’t gon’ be dope but at this time this shit was all joke. The video sucked but I dropped the song on Soundcloud and everybody kept hitting me up about it, telling me to be serious. So I said fuck it, started booking studio time and buying studio equipment. Just fell in love wit it after that. 

What genre would you classify your music?

Technically I make hip hop music but I try to mix in other genres like R&B. I can’t sing but I can harmonize on the beat. I like rock swag too so I add some screaming and yelling in the background on some stuff. Really just try to do hella different shit for hella different people. 

What’s the story behind Kase Dismissed?

I got into some police trouble about 2 months ago wit some of my brothers. Niggas was facing some bullshit charges. They had worse charges than me, so they was going to court like 3 days after we got arrested. I had about a month to prepare before my date. In that time, their charges got dropped so I’m thinking my shit would too. I literally had court in 2 days and had no lawyer, or anything. I go to get a lawyer, spend hella bread, and a hour later he call me like I’m sending your money back, found out my case was dismissed an hour before. I was so lit, I’m like ‘I’m bout to drop an EP.’ I had a project I was working on already.  It was done and all, then I decided to push it back for a few reasons. So I’m like I ain’t gonna drop none of the songs from this project. I’ma make all new songs from scratch. I set a date 8 days ahead, locked myself in the studio, got beats ready, and started recording. I recorded about 10 songs in 3 days and ended up only putting 6 on the project.

What are fan favorites of Kase Dismissed so far?

I ran a poll on my IG and the majority of the people liked “Fear of God”. My gang all said that was the hardest song before it even released.

What are your favorite songs?

On Kase Dismissed, my favorite is “Blame”, then “Clone”.  My actual favorite songs gotta be between “Hurt You” or “Risk It All”, two songs that ain’t released yet, but they’ll be out soon. 

What have been some fan favorites?

Shit, everybody really fucked with “Venus and Serena”. That was like my 2nd song I ever made and niggas still love that one. Recently though, people really fuck with “Pain Free” and that’s one of my favorites too ’cause I made it at a bad time. I think you can hear all that pain in the song, and niggas can really relate and feel me. 

What’s your inspiration behind the music?

Young thug is a genius and one of my favorite artists ever. He’s truly a legend. My personal experiences really influence what I talk about, like from dealing with break ups, or betrayals, or police shit, I just use all the negative shit going on to make shit for people that may be dealing with the same shit. I just like niggas to relate and feel me.

K’ant8300 has so much work in the vault right now due to Kase Dismissed being such a spur of the moment project. He put one project on hold and is continuing to record for his next one, Pain Changes Us All. The new tape will be dropping soon on all platforms, as well as a new music video for the fan favorite, “Fear of God”. Make sure to follow him on IG @kant8300 to stay up to date and listen to Kase Dismissed below.

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