Lxnny Delivers with SAAB 9-5

We’ve become so accustomed to hearing mumble rap that we fail to realize how versatile Hip-Hop is. Lxnny is a budding artist and he is no stranger to creating dope content. He recently dropped SAAB 9-5 and he seems to rewind time with moody metaphors that give off a 90’s chill. SAAB 9-5 is comprised of 7 tracks and the production of this project compliments the mood of the album. You can clearly grasp the old soul that Lxnny possesses. This project favors a vintage aesthetic of the 90’s while delivering a creative vibe of the now.


It is evident that Lxnny has a lot to say, and we should definitely be on the lookout for new content. Stay tuned for potential future collaborations with Lxnny and kltrd. In the meantime, be sure to follow him on IG @lxnny. Comment your thoughts below!

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