Naim Reminds Us That “B.M.D.C.”

Fall season is here and so is the flux of R&B music and I’M HERE FOR IT! Naim, often stylized as “NAIM, The Goat”, has just released his nine-track debut album Black Men Don’t Cheat and gave us no warning. Entering the music scene over a year ago, but having a musical background that dates back to elementary school, he has hit the ground running. Throughout the year, Naim has given us tracks like  “Fallin'”, “It’s Alright”, and “Yum-Yum”, along with a couple of other songs he has teased on his Instagram story.

On Black Men Don’t Cheat, he shows off his musical range and his ability to craft his words in a way that is fluid, meaningful, and catchy. “Godly” is easily the stand out track from this project. Naim samples the childhood favorite, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and puts his soulful spin on it. He shows off his vocal range with some falsetto notes then brings it back down to his natural tone. Honestly, this is the one that’s going to be on repeat for the duration of Cuffing Season.

We can tell that Naim has been through his fair share of trying situations, but has been able to move past them and make some dope tracks along the way. Stay tuned for the full Naim interview and make sure to download the album.  Also, follow him on IG @NAIMthegoat. Comment your thoughts below!

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