Quez Came Through with Late Night Drive

A week after his birthday, Quez dropped Late Night Drive. He gave some listeners an early listen last week at his listening party at Apostrophe Lounge, which was full of good vibes, good food, and most importantly- good music. LND is a 7 track album with a run time of 21 minutes which showcases his ability to put together great melodies over solid beats that flows smoothly.

The album opens up with “LND Intro”, which gives off a real late 90s feel and almost places you in an old school chevy taking a late night drive to that special persons’ house. The album quickly switches to something I like to consider “bedroom vibes” with “Closer.” The production in “Listen” is exceptional to me and was stuck on repeat for a minute. “Fwu” strongly closes out the project with an almost trippy-like experience and is easily my favorite track from LND.

Late Night Drive is different from most things out right now. Quez has found a sound that separates himself from the pack where everyone is rapping, or at least trying to. With a great usage of melodies and a nice, full production, LND is a fulfilling project. Listen to the EP below and follow Quez on IG for updates on new music.

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