Sheck Wes “Mudboy” Album Review

Sheck Wes “Mudboy” Album Review
"Kyrie" "Gmail"Delivery is phenomenal
Singing vocals left alot to be desiredNo features
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Sheck Wes is a 20-year-old rapper/model that grew up in the projects of Harlem.

Wes has been involved in Nike campaigns and two Yeezy fashion campaigns since his early teenage years. His mother discouraged his modeling career, stating “they don’t care about you they only care about the clothes.”

Sheck has been able to garner the attention of Hip-Hop heavyweights Travis Scott and Kanye West, along with the rest of the Hip-Hop world, with his smash hit “Mo Bamba”, which has over 21 million views on YouTube.

“Mo Bamba” was named after childhood friend and teammate Mohamed Bamba, who was recently drafted #6 overall by the Orlando Magic.

While the single can incite a riot anywhere it’s played,  it really tells us the story of the young artist receiving countless phone calls from record labels attempting to sign him as his buzz began to grow.

The Harlem rapper tells his story of rising from the “mud” in his debut album “Mudboy”, an album with no features.

“I could have had a million features, but I want people to understand me first rather than who I know,” Wes tells The Lift Off.

On the album, Sheck Wes gives fans insight into his life over the last four years as he tells a story of his time in Harlem.

Wes speaks on his choice to model in the Yeezy season 3 fashion show over playing in his high school basketball playoff game, labels blowing up his phone to sign him, and being sent to live in Senegal, Africa for a year on “Jiggy on the S***s”. This track features Wes bouncing back and forth between Senegalese and English, delivering an entire verse in his parents’ native language.

Sheck credits his time in Africa with helping him learn patience with his music.

Wes has named Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, and legendary Harlem rapper Big L as inspirations, stating “I learned how to freestyle from listening to ‘The Carter’”.

Sheck shows off his range of influence, flows, and sounds throughout the album.

Stretching his vocals on “Never lost”, “WESPN”, and  “Danimals”, we see a side of Sheck Wes we had yet been exposed to.

“Kyrie”, “Gmail”, and “Chippi Chippi”, similar to his 2017 singles “Live Sheck Wes” and “Mo Bamba”, are all set in the same mosh pit tone that is making Sheck Wes a household name.

Sheck Wes is able to combine storytelling and charisma that has come to define Harlem rappers with a relevant sound and original style.

Wes has signed a joint deal between Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack label, and Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music in collaboration with Interscope.

You must check out this debut album, if for nothing else but to get to know the star that Sheck Wes will be.


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