Balancing Fashion and Engineering: Thee Fashioneer Interview

Imagine this: You’ve been stuck in your cubicle all year struggling to find purpose in your work. Maybe you want to pursue art, fashion, or media… is there a way to balance your corporate career and continue to feed your passion? Kelyn Greene was once in this position until she decided to do something about it.

Kelyn Greene, a 25-year-old Baltimorean, is taking over the fashion scene. Her business is called “Thee Fashioneer”, where she styles clients and creates pieces. Kelyn has always had a love for the creative fields of art and fashion. It all started with her excelling in math and her nature as a creative. She remembers building houses with sticky notes and cardboard, along with admiring the architecture of buildings. “I went to a high school that focused on engineering and took an architecture course.” Alongside everything she was juggling in high school, she had several fashion internships, where she learned the art of styling and running a business. Her passions in her early education influenced her career path. Like most, after getting her degree (in architectural engineering) she began working in her field, but wasn’t fulfilled.


“I decided I wanted to pursue fashion to some degree and generate a second income for myself.”


When asked about her motivation, Kelyn told kltrd., “My support system is what keeps me motivated. The people who take the time to send positive messages my way, tell me how proud of me they are, and of course the real motivation is to quit my desk job and be able to work for myself full-time. Nothing fuels me more than the idea of being able to be independent.”

Kelyn is a self-starter. She sees herself as her own role model. She is her own influence. Kelyn says that she finds additional motivation in the “ideas that pop up in my head, the need to get things done (even if I have to do them myself), and the adrenaline and feeling of accomplishment.”


Thee Fashioneer

We asked Kelyn what led her to branch out into fashion. Her push to pursue her dreams stemmed from “a mix between working full-time and not being happy.” She would constantly have people asking her to style them and that pushed her to build a brand. “The constant attention I received for my style and the drive to build something for myself outside of my career gave me a head start.”

Her passion for fashion and engineering birthed Thee Fashioneer. “The concept behind the name ‘Thee Fashioneer’ is to essentially highlight collaboration of the innovative thinking skills of an engineer and the creative style antics of a fashionista. The name describes me effortlessly. A fashionista & engineer.”

Balancing your 9-5 and your passion

“My goals behind my business is to grow it where I can replace my salary and become dependent on it financially to the point where I can only work for myself. Expand. Hire help. Become a recognizable name such as Matte brand and Milano. Simply to grow more and more with time.”

Kelyn has successfully learned how to balance her career as an architectural engineer and a fashioneer. A typical day consists of her going to work as an engineer 8:30 am-5 pm. After work, she goes home and rests for 30 minutes to an hour to relax her mind and body. She then transitions her day into “Thee Fashioneer” work. “I go down to the lab and work on processing orders or work on clients until bedtime. Wake up and do it all over again.”

Kelyn’s #1 key to her success comes from never allowing anyone to tell her what she couldn’t do or hinder herself.

“Staying true to your vision and ideas is important.”

Kelyn balances her two careers by keeping work at work. “I don’t go home and think about my projects and situations that occur in the work place because those few hours I get to myself after work is for me.”


Stay True to Your Vision

Kelyn urges us to “stay true to your vision. Be passionate about it. Don’t half ass anything you put your name on. Be strategic with your marketing. Keep your viewers engaged and utilize the power of social media. Never stop creating, never stop bringing your ideas to life, and stay open to new ideas.”

Don’t let your day job ruin the ability to chase after your dreams. You can stay connected with Kelyn and her business on Instagram at @kelyngee and @theefashioneer. You can purchase her dope pieces and services at

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