Diamonds Dancing: Ranking the Top 5 Pieces of Drake’s Collection

Hip-Hop is known for its flashy and eccentric nature, whether it be the rhymes or the wardrobe. The one piece of said wardrobe has the ability to set the outfit off to its peak or drown the artist with way too much drip. This piece being the jewelry that Hip-Hop artist display. From the diamond encrusted permanent teeth to the oversized chains that Jibbs would approve of, jewelry is something that maybe the loudest but sometimes overlooked in my opinion.

This week we will examine the biggest rap artist to date in Drake and determine the 5 best pieces of his jewelry collection:


5. The “In My Feelings” Grill

Though this might not be the most quality or expensive piece within his collection it still makes the list at number 5. The reason being that the obvious New Orleans influence in the song called for Drake to add the same influence into the music video. Drake gave us a great opening scene (with the help of LaLa Anthony and the lovely Phylicia Rashad) in which he embodied a young “Big Easy” native with platinum grill in mouth. He continues to wear the grill throughout the video which gives off a sense of carefree joy that the song is known for. Drake being no stranger to acting plays the part well and makes millions of people, if not me, consider copping a grill of their own.


4. The Boy Meets World Tour Chain

Talk about brand loyalty. Outside of Nike, the Italian high end brand Stone Island can be cited as his favorite. This led him to cop a $100,000 chain that exhibits his love for Stone Island and also congratulate his efforts on the Boy Meets World tour. This chain is jam packed with 79 carats of black, canary, and green diamonds. Not to mention the 888 grams of gold, sheesh! Shoutout to Ben Baller.


3. OVO Pinky Ring

Nothing screams pimp more than a nice pinky ring. Not only is this pinky ring screaming, but also into a megaphone with Digital Dash on max volume. The ring was given to him as a gift from Future back when What A Time To Be Alive dropped. Encrusted with diamonds, this ring is the true definition of diamonds dancing.


2. Scorpion Medallion

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📀 JUNE 2018

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At the 2 spot we have one of my favorite pieces. To create more hype for the album he posted this picture of the medallion. The diamond Scorpion is surrounded by a green face with other zodiac signs around. This piece was designed by Jason Arasheben, a well renowned jeweler who has made jewelry for the LA Dodgers and Rihanna. Drake definitely had the right eye for quality with this piece.

1. October’s Very Own Chain

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Chaining Tatum

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And the top spot goes to this massive pendant. Symbolizing the success that his brand has culminated to this point. Just a simple O, yet this chain says a lot. Each diamond representing the steps it took to get to the top of rap game. The cost of the chain is unknown but we understand that just by looking at we can understand that this is in a whole different tax bracket. Truly amazing piece from “October’s very own.”

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