Dressed To Impress, Homecoming Edition 2k18

UNC Charlotte Homecoming 2018 was quite the experience for all undergrads and alumni. There was food, fun, finessing, and most importantly Fits. Here are a few of the perfectly executed looks that we came across this weekend:

Biker Shorts

The Yeezy biker shorts and heels look was a popular one at hoco. These two ladies hit the nail on the head with this one. On the left we have a very vibrant 90’s, Fresh Princess button down with black biker shorts and patent leather boots, while on the right we have a classic monotoned fit, cream colored bikers with an oversized sweater and a clear heel. Very well done, ladies.


Wind breaker jackets have always been a trend, and now it’s the pants time to shine. They are in it to win it, in their wind breaker set and Motocross pants. On the ends we have dual-tone black and gray/black and yellow Motocross pants, accompanied by white tee, sneakers and shades. In the middle we have red and black windbreaker skirt set, toned down with a fanny pack and sneakers. These three definitely take home the trophy.

The Rebel

Every story needs a hopeless romantic and a rebel without a cause. These two play perfectly into the day and night fit scheme.  On the left we have our Loverboy in a pink tank with matching shades, cut up jeans and Chelsea boots, *note the hanging cross earing for dramatic effect. On the right we have a Rebellious *Kreator from Atlanta, wearing a white button down under a black leather jacket, faded black jeans with chains, biker gloves, and a yellow bandana that he “wears when he creates.” We love a rebel.

Joel Bello @JodiLoverboy
Ash Kreator @FindAshK


We STAN the 90’s. Colorful clothes, matching sets, plaid, berets. Spice Girls, chunky heels, and dad shoes. From Cher Horowitz to Ashley Banks, the “school girl” look never fails.  On the left we have a mustard colored off the shoulder long sleeve, covered by a plaid high waist skirt with suspenders and all black accessories. On the right we have a white graphic tee, covered by a tan high waist skirt, blue cardigan and yellow plaid shirt, accessorized by a red beret and One Piece Sketchers. “I am totally, butt crazy in LOVE.” – Clueless

Kiania Henriques @Kianiah  & Lyka Person @RichieDinero

Trap fit

Adidas pants are the male equivalent of leggings, formally known as “thot pants”. These athletic pants are always part of your MCM’s favorite fit. Here’s how you dress them up. On the left we have Gucci athletic pants with a white graphic tee, fanny pack and sneakers. On the right you’ll see the reverse athletic pants, all white with the black stripes featuring a navy blue and white striped button down and white sneakers.

Tre Graham @PatGotJokes_ & Freddie Coleman @iGetsIt__done

The Show Stopper

Last but not least, we had a rare fit that was in a league of it’s own. You can buy clothes, but you can’t pay to be this fly. Below we have a graphic tee, the Ghostbuster green jumper, with a fanny pack and tan puma’s. This Phlight 93 member is ready for take off!

Frederick Thompson @SplurgedLiving

Ultimately, hoco styles and outfits were truly a success. We see you, Charlotte. You showed up and showed out. You all did our student body justice. Honestly, TRULY.




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