Trend Forecast: The Modern Baggy Pants

It seems like it was just a few months ago when the New Boyz were rapping about skinny jeans and the craze that subsequently ensued with said item. Whether it was skater boys, haute couture aficionados, or just the average individual seeking out the newest trend, everyone was hopping aboard. That was many years ago. Unlike most trends, skinny pants and ultra slim silhouettes lasted longer than expected due to an emphasis on the human body. Everyone wanted to accentuate their figure and loose-fitting garments took away from that.

For quite some time, perhaps a year or so, the return of loose-fitting pants has constantly flooded my mind. The unveiling of FW19 collections confirmed this premonition. From fashion gatekeeper Dries Van Noten to fashion and pop culture’s it boy Virgil Abloh, the emphasis on loose fitting trousers was evident. What is unique about the reissue of this style is that the garments still have shape and character. The pants are not baggy and billowy just for the sake of a looser fitting item, rather they revolve around modern silhouettes with an emphasis on tailoring. Clean cuts and precise lines define the new wave of loose pants, creating a 21st century rendition of this trend.

As the likes of this style has already flooded the runway, it is only a matter of time before these silhouettes are synonymous with the street. Like any item that dawns the runway, fast fashion corporations immediately appropriate the luxury items consumers look to for inspiration and soon the average store or mall will be overcome with similar silhouettes.

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