2018-2019 NBA Finals Game 1

With game one in the books, the Toronto Raptors took down the Golden State Warriors 118 to 109 taking a 1-0 lead in the 2018-2019 Finals. The game stayed within regulation as the Raptors held a stronghold on the Warriors as they had control throughout the game. The Raptors were lead by Pascal Siakam who had 32 points and ran the open lanes up and down the court creating easy baskets for himself in transition. Siakam showed how difficult he is to defend in the half court with his agility and length while also making open shots Siakam really imposed his will in game one. He was “Playing with the confidence that nobody can guard him,” as ESPN’s Mark Jackson described his play. Siakam wasn’t alone out there. His teammates Kawhi Leonard and Marc Gasol did their parts, dropping 23 and 20 points, respectively. Even Fred Vanvleet, in his first finals, was a force off the bench with 15 points.

From watching the game, it seemed like the Warriors' game plan was to let anyone not named Kawhi Leonard beat them as many of his teammates were given wide open looks. But still they only lost by nine points without Kevin Durant, who is still battling his injured calf that occurred in the semifinals of the Western Conference when they played the Houston Rockets. Klay Thompson didn’t have his best game, going 8-17 from the field, and although Demarcus Cousins did make his return from his torn quad from the first round he still wasn’t able to give much. Stephen Curry did play a great game and kept the team in the game as long as he could with his 34 points and aggressive play. Unfortunately, when things came down to the wire it would have helped to have one or two other players step up.

Going into Game Two on Sunday, the Raptors have all the momentum as they have a great game plan in defending the two-time defending champs. They just can’t get ahead of themselves and lose their heads in the moment. For the Warriors, they have a few adjustments that they need to make, like getting back and stop leaving people wide open, and communicating when in transition. However, their troubles may soon be over as Kevin Durant is rumored to be just around the corner of returning, but will he return in enough time?

Return Of Tiger!

Tiger Woods wins the 2019 Masters

Two weeks ago we all got to witness Tiger Woods win a major again. The last time Tiger was the last one standing with a major title on the line was back in 2008! And just to give some insight on exactly how long ago that was, the New York Giants had just beat the New England Patriots in an amazing barn burner where Mario Manningham made the play of the game, with that amazing sideline catch to move the Giants into New England's side of the field with less than 2:00 minutes remaining. The Boston Celtics had just beat the Los Angeles Lakers in six games to take home the NBA Championship. If that's not enough to jog your memory, 2008 was when Marvel released "Iron Man," setting in motion this phenomenal 22 movie run known as the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

At his peak, Tiger Woods was untouchable. Coming in as a young dominant boy at the age of 13, Tiger captured the hearts of people across the world. Through his career, Tiger ascended to the world's best. The attention that he brought the sport was unlike anything we had seen at the time. People all across the world would tune in anytime Tiger would play just for the chance to witness history. After his fallout with then wife Elin Nordegren and many injuries, many wondered if he could ever get back to the level of which he once played at.

Well, 11 years later Tiger showed us once again why you can never count him out. Leading up to the 2019 Masters Tournament, Tiger hadn't been playing too bad. He would miss the final cut by a couple of strokes or not be fully healthy going into the weekend of tournament. Can we blame him for taking a while to getting back to where he was? He not only went through a traumatic divorce from a six year marriage, but he continued to go in and out of rehabilitation for injuries that are seeming to pop up more and more as he gets older (He is currently 43). But sure enough, winning the 2019 Masters in an exciting, stunning, and emotional way as only Tiger Woods can do.

Grown-ish Season 2 Sit Down: Chloe x Halle

Monday November 12, 2018, actresses Chole and Halle from Freeform’s hit show Grown-ish came to Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia, for a sneak-peek at season two and talk about being Grown-ish.

With season two of the hit show Grown-ish set to premiere at the start of 2019, cast members Chole and Halle, along with executive producer Jeni Rice-Genzuk, are on tour promoting the new season.

Just like in college, and life, there will be ups and downs and that is exactly what our favorite group of sophomores at Cal U, Zoey, Nomi, Ana, Jazz, and Sky, are trying to avoid. But like taxes and bills, life will always catch up with you. It's how you decide to move past it that will define who you are.

Chole (20) and Halle (18) also talked about growing up and becoming grown adults in todays day and age, with everything that social media offers along with everything else that is out in the world. One of the subjects that was asked from the audience was dating in college and how you should go about it.

“If I was to date in college I would give him the distance he needs, because our school work comes first then from there if we see each other of course I would be all over him as I would expect him to be all over me. But we don't have to be with each other all the time 24/7” said Halle.

After the Q&A session the first episode of season two was played for us, and from the looks of it this season will be great! There are many new plots and some of the old ones, (could there be drama in paradise with Zoey and Luka after not being together all summer?). With a new year comes with new responsibilities. How will our sophomores handle the new pressure that comes with another year.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will, because this season we all are in for a treat.

Essentials for #4.0SZN

With this 2018-19 fall semester underway, most of us have gotten adjusted to our class schedules. A common question  every year is how I can make this season, #40SZN, as it’s called on social media. How can I score a 4.0 GPA?

You are trying to figure out what are the best places to study, forming study groups, and which classes will take more work than others.

When it comes to getting a college degree, your GPA determines your academic success. Just like the rushing yards or touchdowns, a running back gets the number of stars a restaurant must obtain to be deemed worthy of being called a top luxury restaurant or even landing a movie with a well-known director for an actor/actress. However, why is it so hard for current college students to find helpful hints and tips for getting good grades and maintaining them? Why is there so many videos and articles talking about what worked for them but, at the same time not making the information general enough that you can apply it to your specific classes?

That’s why I have decided to introduce the essentials for #4.0SZN that everyone strives for, a list composed by students for students to ensure success for others, no matter your classification, major, or even your place of study this list will help you get that 4.0!

1Get Your Rest.

Getting rest might be the most important out of all the essentials because without having the proper rest your body needs to recharge after all day-to-day classes, extracurricular activities, and social outings your body is going to need the time to recover. The only way of doing that is getting the proper amount of sleep. A 2012 article from the Huffington Post pointed out that “sleep plays an important role in tissue repair, immune function, and growth, which is key to keeping your body free of illness and injury.”

2. Mental Health

Coming in at No. 2 on our list is mental health, although this it isn’t talked about as much as it should be mental health is easily one of the most important things to maintain when striving for a 4.0 (or anything in life to be honest). If your mental health isn’t where it needs to be, your feeling depressed or even anxiety seeks help! Talk to a close friend or go to your on-campus counselor/therapist but whatever you do don’t try to handle it yourself by keeping everything inside.

Cameron Nolan, a sophomore at Morehouse, says “In order to first get a 4.0, you must first understand that your mental health is important. People often neglect their mental health when studying, so I would say definitely have your rest but plan out your schedule where you can have to get all the extracurricular activities that you want and need to do while also getting your academics. But definitely go to sleep and drink water.”

3Have a Consistent Schedule

Coming up with a schedule that you feel like will be most useful for your learning style, is vital to your academic success in college. That means finding out when the best times, as well as places, are to study, also knowing how much time you need to spend on each subject is critical too because each one will require a different amount of time toward studying.

Sophomore student Tariq McAllister says, “One of my personal study tips is that you have to allow your time. So basically, I make a slot in my day where I lock myself in my room, and I work on whatever I need to work on, whether that be homework, study for an upcoming test, etc.”

Having a schedule also comes in handy when there is a party that weekend, or you want to hang out with your friends and take a break from all your school work.

Well, having that schedule will allow you to do so by sticking to it you can map out times that you need to have so much work done that way you can go out without having to worry about your school work. (Who wants to do that?).

How does junior student John Bowers manage his schedule? “Really prioritizing, so time management really. Say I want to go to a party but for me to have fun I don't want to think about school, so I would just prioritize the week. If I had an essay that week, I would start it [on] Monday and take it to office hours throughout the week.”, says Bowers.

4Study the Material

Our next essential needs no introduction because without it even the smallest part that #4.0SZN that you're striving for, might not be able to happen. Without studying the material or at least looking over it occasionally for those that are quick learners your writing yourself off before the semester even gets started. But what a lot of people don’t know is how long you should study each subject before you move on to the next.

“Only study a subject for two hours at a time, after that, your mind does not retain the information. You digest information in small increments if you know you have a test coming up you should be studying [for] two weeks in advance. That way you can study a little at a time instead of cramming a lot of information at a time,” Cameron said.

But studying starts before you go to the library, dorm room, off-campus places like a coffeehouse or wherever it is that you may study. For your studying to be effective, you have to know what to look-over and how to, and you can find all that in class.

“My key takeaways are [to] pay attention in class, go to class, as well as don't let your work linger and keep up to date on your work. Get it done the first time instead of trying to cram it at the end,” John said 


5Have a relationship with your professor

The unsung hero of our list comes in at No. 5, but not because of lack of consideration but because we saved the best for last. Building a great relationship with your professor can help you tremendously when it comes to tests, quizzes, or even something as small as homework assignments, and who else better to go to with questions on the material then your very own professor? They can give you the exact answers or help you need to get that A+ for which you aspire to attain. Plus, when they see you coming to every class, going to office hours, and asking for help, they will be more than willing to help you because they know that you are trying to get something from the class and not just waste their or your time.